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Saturday, 12 August 2017 15:27

What Liberals Don’t Understand About The History Of Slavery

Written by  TFPP Writer

Brian Thomas reports Yale University has changed a stone carving at Sterling Memorial Library because it depicted a musket in the hands of a puritan.

The original carving featured a Native American holding a bow and a puritan holding a musket, looking away from each other.

Although not an obvious conclusion (the two figures could very well be hunting since they are not facing each other), one of Yale’s head librarians, Susan Gibbons, interprets the carving to be violent, and “not appropriate.”

Apparently, a librarian’s job at Yale is to cover up the past in order to protect people who are better off without knowledge of history.

The Sterling Memorial Library sits at the heart of the Yale University campus, and is Yale’s largest library and one of its most prominent buildings.

The National Review reports:

In their haste to preemptively ward off any sudden triggering episodes by continuing to display a carving that has been visible in the heart of the campus for many decades, Yale’s historical-demolition squad appeared not to notice a few things. For instance: Although the Puritan was holding a weapon, so was the Indian. Only the Puritan’s musket was plastered over, not the Indian’s bow.

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