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Saturday, 12 August 2017 15:47

These Park Benches Illustrate Why Apple Is Better Than Google [Photos]

Written by  TFPP Writer

Robert Gehl writes if you own the information, you own the world.

If you can control what people see – what they experience – what information they possess – they can be controlled.

To some degree, this is used in advertising and in the mainstream media: Present a product, or service or person as good, or valuable or benevolent, and people might believe you.

But what if almost all of the world’s information funneled through your filter. What if you could control all the information that people receive.

Then you could be called Google.

The technology behemoth percent controls 68 percent of all searches on the internet. So its search results are vital in shaping the national – or even global – discourse.

Google also has an “auto-complete” feature in their search engine. If you’re looking for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe” and you start typing “chocolate,” before you even finish the word, one of the suggestions that will “pop down” is likely a recipe for the cookies.

This – they argue – is the result of an aggregation of what other Google users are looking for. If tens of millions of people type in “Meryl Streep is a bad actor,” eventually, the phrase will be one that’s recommended.

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