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Saturday, 12 August 2017 16:48

Politically Incorrect Cartoon Shows What It’s Like Arguing With A Feminist Today

Written by  TFPP Writer

Brittany Soares writes that a cafe is making waves after it began charging men more money in a bid to close the so-called “gender pay gap.”

Owner Alex O’Brien, a feminist vegan who owns Handsome Her, a vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia, is making men pay an 18% “man tax” as well as giving women priority over seating.

O’Brien told the Broadsheet website, “I do want people to think about it, because we’ve had this (pay discrepancy) for decades and decades and we’re bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds.

“I like that it is making men stop and question their privilege a little bit.”

The reaction on social media has been mixed, with some praising while others are outraged.

One Twitter user said: “This makes me sick. What the hell is wrong with these stupid women. Rules for men to enter?”

Others called the cafe “sexist.”

There is much disagreement on the way the cafe was trying to promote equality.

One Twitter user wrote, “At the very least they are telling the world how much they despise males. Silver lining? It might wake a few more people on the fence.”

Another added: “We now raise “awareness” and debate it with discrimination toward men… but we must have be equals to men!”

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