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Sunday, 13 August 2017 09:41

How Liberals And Conservatives View WWIII Differently

Written by  TFPP Writer

Brian Thomas reports nuclear war with North Korea would be devastating, even if it ended quickly, and here’s why.

The Economist published a fictional, yet disturbingly believable, account of what would happen if war broke out against North Korea.

It begins in March, 2019, after North Korea has successfully tested several more intercontinental ballistic missiles, and miniaturized nuclear warheads capable of re-entry on a missile.

When the North threatens to perform an atmospheric test with their new thermonuclear weapon, and President Trump orders a strike on the missile before the test, things go very wrong…

From The Economist:

[…] But even as Mr Trump was bragging about the success of the strike, Mr Kim was ordering elite units from his 180,000-strong special operations force to carry out a series of hit-and-run attacks on targets in the South. Some would infiltrate by using a network of tunnels running beneath the demilitarised zone (DMZ); others would be inserted from the sea by mini-submarines or flown in by ancient hedge-hopping An-2 biplanes that were hard for modern radars to spot. Meanwhile, North Korea’s navy had also begun laying mines in both the West and East seas in an effort to disrupt trade. A series of cyber-attacks on South Korea’s critical infrastructure also appeared to be under way.

Read more at TheFederalistpapers

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