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Sunday, 13 August 2017 09:33

Top 5 Leftist Braindead Reactions to North Korean Nuke Situation…

Written by  Louder With Crowder

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It’s like the 1980s all over again. Men are dressing like women, there’s an entertainer in the White House, and we’re on the brink of a nuclear standoff.

Tensions with Koreans of the North and their tub-of-lard dictating leader are at an all time high. Unlike previous presidents, the Donald isn’t afraid to stand up to the fat man and his threats. Naturally, leftists are blowing a fuse over Trump’s handling of the situation, and going full-retard with their reactions.

Here are the top 5 reactions in stupid:

5) New York Times

This one comes as no surprise, judging from their history as a no-good leftist rag. On the subject of Guam, the Times thought it important to remind the public of a threat just as serious as total nuclear destruction: Climate change.

The island of Guam made rare headlines this week when North Korea, responding to blustery language from President Trump, threatened to fire four ballistic missiles into waters near the American territory’s shores. Some Guam residents told reporters that they worried what might happen if North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, were actually to follow through.

Scientists in Guam, however, say they have at least one other major threat in mind: climate change.

They can’t honestly be equating a slight change in the weather with nuclear annihilation.

Read more at InfoWars

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