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Saturday, 02 September 2017 14:30

Germany: Merkel Warns of “Decisive Action” Against NATO Ally Turkey

Written by  Fuzzy Slippers

Turkey has detained two more German citizens, bringing the total to 12

NATO ally Turkey seems to be going out of its way to tweak German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Last month, Turkey arrested, among others, a German citizen, and Merkel called the move “unacceptable.”

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have been unimpressed because his government just arrested two more Germans.  Merkel has now declared that “decisive action” must be taken.  She does not specify what action she means, though she does threaten to “rethink” Germany’s relations with Turkey.

Reuters reports:

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said Germany should react decisively to Ankara’s detention of two further German citizens, amid growing calls for Berlin to issue a formal travel warning for Germans heading to Turkey.

Twelve German citizens are now in Turkish detention on political charges, four of them holding dual citizenship. Among these is German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel, who will have been in detention 200 days on Friday.

Under the circumstances, Merkel said she did not think it was appropriate to carry out further discussions with Ankara about its participation in a European Union customs union.

“We must react decisively,” Merkel told a business event in the southern city of Nuremberg, noting that Germany had already fundamentally revamped its relations with Ankara.

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i can't believe there are Germans who feel they are represented by merkel.they have to be so embarrassed by her actions. she thinks she is the voice of Europe. she is destroying a beautiful country and a proud people.

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This coming from a traitor that DESTROYED her Country with Muslim Trash that go around RAPING German Women!! She is hated by her citizens and is whining because President Trump pulled out of the Paris accord so she will not get the 300 BILLION F N DOLLARS a year that Odummy the Muslime boy promised to support these Muslime POS!!! Guess she is screwed now!!!

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Merkel is A traitor to her country, off with her head. Not later now

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Dave Fafarman Written by Dave Fafarman
September 03, 2017
Merkel looks like she just swallowed a live squirrel.
In reply to an earlier comment

Brad Stewart Written by Brad Stewart
September 03, 2017
LOL ! Good one, Dave !


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