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Monday, 04 September 2017 13:00

Chris Christie Will not give “Shermanesque” Refusal to Appoint Himself to Replace Menendez

Written by  Mark Finkelstein

“I don’t give Shermanesque statements on anything.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declined to make a Shermanesque statement that would flatly rule out the possibility that he would appoint himself to fill the Senate seat of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez. Sen. Menendez is currently under federal trial, facing bribery and corruption charges. Should Menendez be removed from office or resign before Christie’s term ends on January 18, 2018, Christie would have the power to appoint his replacement.

In a recorded interview aired on this today’s Morning Joe, New York Times reporter Nick Confessore said to Christie, “I’m looking for a Shermanesque statement here.”

Replied Christie: “I don’t give Shermanesque statements on anything.”

Christie went on to brag about having an “executive personality.” Later, when asked about his dismal popularity ratings in New Jersey, Christie boasted, “I’ve been the predominant public voice in my state for the last 16 years.”

Note: when Confessore told Christie that “Senator Christie” has a nice ring to it, Christie retorted that “Governor Christie” has a better ring. Maybe so, but Christie is term limited, with the election to replace him just two months away. So he won’t be “Governor Christie” for long.

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Manchin did the same thing when Byrd died!! Manchin is a waste of flesh!! He endorsedHitlary over coal miners, wants due process eliminated. His reelection does not look good in 2018!!

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Christie would be the same as having a Democrat put in this slot. We need a TRUE Conservative not a fake one like Christie.

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