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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 04:00

Exclusive: 77% demand end to 'sanctuary cities' for illegal immigrants

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Voters in 11 battleground states key to controlling the Senate in 2018 and presidency in 2020 overwhelming support the administration's effort to end so-called "sanctuary" policies for illegal immigrant criminals in over 300 cities, according to a new poll on the explosive issue.

Even more significantly, over 83 percent of Hispanics want the sanctuaries to obey federal demands to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and turn over illegals sought for deportation, according to the survey from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics and provided exclusively to Secrets, provide political ammunition for sanctuary city foes and pose a potential reelection threat to key lawmakers who oppose the administration's policies.

According to FAIR, over 77 percent of voters in the 11 states want the Senate to pass the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, already OK'd in the House.

Texas "sanctuary cities" law set to go into effect Friday unless court blocks it https://t.co/bTaYXPv0t5 via @TexasTribune@nachoaguilar— FAIR (@FAIRImmigration) August 31, 2017

They also support in similar numbers the right of victims of crime by illegal immigrants to sue sanctuary cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco that ignore ICE demands and free criminal illegals.

"The poll shows that Americans want their state and local governments to cooperate with federal efforts to remove criminals from the United States.

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I think that if you ask LEGAL immigrants (those who have immigrated here legally and followed all the laws and rules) what they think about DACA, they will tell you NO WAY. I do speak from experience because my hubby is a legal immigrant. And in the legal immigrant circles, they feel cheated, they feel that they did everything they were supposed to do, and so can everyone else. The problem is people are in a hurry, so instead of waiting they figure they can just skip across the border and then play on the bleeding heart Liberals, to pave the way. And sure enough that is exactly what has happened. No one "deserves" to be granted a green card or citizenship. And I am not sure where people have gotten that impression. You hear the old "This country was built on immigrants". But they are leaving out one critical word. This country was built on LEGAL immigrants. Not people who broke our laws to come here, but people who respected our laws and followed our rules and wanted to come and "BE American". Now I think that for the past 8 years, people have been taking advantage of our Commander-in-Chiefs lax attitude on our border security and our Immigration law non- enforcement. But if we were to continue to allow these lax attitudes prevail, we could be in for some real trouble in our own system with our own people. And aren't our citizens the people we owe our first allegiance too????

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According to Robby Webster MOST of America WANTS Illegals!! I wonder why Liars cannot help Lying!! It really makes them look Immoral and evil!! Sanctuary cities need to be shut down!! NO MONEY!!

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Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
September 05, 2017
I do not know from where they got their figures but Pew and Gallup the most trusted polls in the world disagree with this article.
The fact being that 67% of Americans wan the illegals to stay with a path to citizenship. http://www.gallup.com/poll/184577/favor-path-citizenship-illegal-immigrants.aspx
I think the last report I read said about 71% want the DACA children to stay.
According to the Pew research only 52% of Republicans were against sanctuary cities, not the 77% of all citizens like the article says, in contrast 71% of the general population support Sanctuary cites including the law enforcement of those cities and mayors. Those persons know how much the illegals add to their cities in economics, in the whole US the illegals add over $500 BILLION in economics to this country and up to 1.5 of GDP.
There are some that just do not want to look at the whole picture because it might prove them wrong. here is a few hundred links to show what I am saying.
http://search.xfinity.com/#web/economic cost of deporting the illegals/1
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
September 06, 2017
Robbie once again tries to shove his LIES and BS off as facts!! FACT, in EVERY Yahoo and Google article tha amount of people that respond by wanting Illegals gone is OVER 90 percent!! Read any of the Libturd WAAA WAAA WAAA pooooor Illegal scum articles and see!! FACT Illegals do NOT pay taxes!! I know for a fact what their game is!! They use a STOLRN SSI number!! They then claim 12 dependants and have basically NO taxes taken out!! at the end of the year when they OWE they do not care because the SSI number is not theirs!!! Couple this with the Welfare and other freebies that they drain from the Government and the BILLIONS they send back to Mexico and now we know thar A YOU ARE A LIAR and B this is whar is draining our economy and also how we will get Mexico topay for the wall!! Retard Robbie will also not admit that because of Illegals California is almost a TRILLION dollars in debt!! THAT IS A FACT!!!

why are we still having this discussion? withdraw all support (money) from these cities, end of discussion.

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(Updated: September 05, 2017)

Amen, Larry. Some people are living in a fantasy land of hearts, flowers, drugs, and government giveaways. (Never mind those that perform the work that drives the economy of this nation). When they can't find work because a DACA "child" took their place, they'll begin singing a different tune. (By then it will be too late, won't it)?

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And the other 23% are too ignorant to fully understand the destructive nature of trying to maintain an open borders country.

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