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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 08:57

Journalists Treated to Luxury Resort Vacations by Electoral College Bypass Group

Written by  P.J. Gladnick

Ah! Life is good. Just luxuriating poolside in a tropical setting at a four star resort while sipping on an endless supply of mai tais while munching on ceviche. All that is required is to listen to a five hour pitch.

Not for time share condos. Instead this pitch is made to journalists about how and why the Electoral College can be bypassed.

This revelation about how an obviously well-funded group called the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections is providing vacations for journalists comes to us via reporter Tim Alberta of Politico Magazine. Alberta relayed the posh pitch in Is the Electoral College Doomed?

...the most viable campaign to change how Americans choose their leader is being waged at booze-soaked junkets in luxury hotels around the country and even abroad, as an obscure entity called the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections peddles a controversial idea: that state legislatures can put the popular-vote winner in the White House.

It was mid-February, inside a four-star resort in a third-world country, when I heard the pitch to transform American democracy. The institute flew 11 political journalists to Panama for an “educational seminar” on election reform. (My peers included reporters representing outlets ranging from Breitbart to U.S.

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Sounds Like the Demonrat Libturds are really BUTT HURT from the last election!! Thing is if it would have been reversed and Satan Woman would have won it would have bben OK!!! These Demonrat Libturds have been given too many participation trophies!! Their WAAA WAAA WAAA TRUMP is Hilarious!!

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The Electoral College is the only way to ensure a fair election. The reason they don't like it is they can't cheat with it. Which is why the founders but it in place. They knew that elections had to be about the entire country not just the overpopulated coasts. They knew what a broken system was, so they wanted to make sure that our system could not be broken. If we were to lose the Electoral College, those of us who live in the non coastal states may as well not even vote because it won't matter.The overpopulated coastal areas will outweigh our votes.

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Looks like a good place for accidental drownings.

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Well yeah...journalist's get paid under the table to put out propaganda....nothing new here.

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