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Friday, 08 September 2017 19:00

DOJ standing by decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner

Written by  William A. Jacobson

The swamp wins again.

Lois Lerner was the IRS official at the center of the scandal over targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups.

The evidence was overwhelming that Tea Party and conservative groups had applications for tax exempt status delayed or denied, while liberal groups did not, and that this targeting was deliberate. Documents and hard drives went missing, Lerner pleaded the 5th, and there were years of obfuscation and delay in producing documents and information.

The House Oversight Committee produced this video in 2014 summarizing what had happened:

On October 23, 2015, we reported on the DOJ decision not to prosecute her, DOJ – Lois Lerner to face no criminal charges:

CNN Reports:

The Justice Department notified members of Congress on Friday that it is closing its two-year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted tea party and other conservative groups.

There will be no charges against former IRS official Lois Lerner or anyone else at the agency, the Justice Department said in a letter.

The probe found “substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia leading to the belief by many tax-exempt applicants that the IRS targeted them based on their political viewpoints.

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The evidence in most of these cases are overwhelmingly proof of guilt and still no prosecution. Maybe Trump can issue an executive order that private citizens who were directly harmed by deliberate illegal actions can sue individual government employees in the IRS, FBI, CIA and DOJ for damages. Maybe that would deter the willingness to be part of illegal corruption. A special court could be designed to handle such cases on an expedited schedule so that attorneys are not able to delay motions until the accuser is deceased or killed.

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Sessions will NEVER prosecute a fellow Politician!! That is why President Trump wanted to fire him and this is EXACTLY why both Demontats and Republicans threatened President Trump if he did!! As long asthey keep Sessions in they can continue all of their scams and corruption!!!

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