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Monday, 11 September 2017 23:58

Airport Denizens, Beware: Ubersnitch Lena Dunham Promises 'I Hear All and See All'

Written by  Tom Blumer

Among the unhinged, actress Lena Dunham is vying for front-row occupancy. The former creator and star of HBO's Girls series has tried to make a name for herself among leftists in a variety of ways during the past several years.

The media have papered over her inability to distinguish between truth and fiction.

Dunham's most recent attempt last week involved telling the world that people around her at airports and airline flights (and surely elsewhere) will have to conduct themselves properly by her lights or be exposed, lest Big Sister Lena expose, amplify and perhaps even invent their alleged speech transgressions.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that Dunham warned fellow airline travelers in an Instagram post that "I hear and see all" (HT Victory Girls; bolds are mine throughout this post):

Lena Dunham to airline travelers: ‘Watch out for me, because I hear and see all’

Airline employees and travelers beware: Lena Dunham is watching you like a hawk.

On Wednesday afternoon, the actress and “Girls” creator took to Instagram to share a short message from what appeared to be the security gate at an unknown airport.

“I’m at the airport. And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to f---ing watch out for me, because I hear and I see all.

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