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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 15:21

Dog likely high on crack when it fatally mauled man during TV interview

Written by  Yaron Steinbuch

A dog that fatally mauled its owner during an interview with a TV crew working on a story about drugs had probably gobbled crack cocaine before the grisly attack, according to a report.

Mario Perivoitos, 41, died at his London home in March after the crazed canine crushed his larynx, causing him to lose 10 pints of blood.

The BBC documentary crew witnessed but did not film the shocking attack by Major, a Staffordshire bull terrier.

An inquest by a North London coroner’s court heard that crack cocaine may have triggered Major’s rage, The Guardian reported.

Veterinary toxicologist Nicholas Carmichael told the inquest that samples indicating high levels of coke and morphine were discovered in Major’s urine.

“It is very likely that this dog had consumed drugs, probably eaten them,” Carmichael told the Daily Mail. “It is almost impossible to say whether that will make the dog attack, but it does make them respond abnormally.

“They become very excited and agitated. It is more likely that this attack happened because this dog had taken cocaine,” he added.

Pathologist Julie Higgins told the court that Perivoitos’ body “included injuries to the neck and face, with extensive hemorrhaging.”

Joshua Haddow, the producer of the BBC documentary “Drugs Map of Britain,” managed to wrestle Major off his owner, but it was too late to save him, the court heard.

Senior coroner Andrew Walker said the victim had taken cocaine before the attack.

“It is likely that he was experiencing an epileptic shock, which caused the dog to nip his face before biting his neck. The film crew telephoned an ambulance while attempting to get the dog off Mr. Perivoitos,” he said.

Police said Major would be put down.

Staffordshire bull terriers are not a banned breed under the United Kingdom’s Dangerous Dogs Act.

The breed, according to the American Kennel Club, is the 82nd most popular dog breed and known to be “brave, tenacious, a bit stubborn; but also gentle, playful, and clever.”

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I guess the dogs owner finally quit his drug habit!!

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