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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:30

Steve Bannon to Speak at UC Berkeley During Free Speech Week

Written by  Mike LaChance

What could go wrong?

It’ll be fascinating to see how certain members of the student body react to this.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Steve Bannon to speak at ‘Free Speech Week’ event at UC Berkeley

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is scheduled to come to UC Berkeley later this month as part of a four-day event organized by his former Breitbart employee and conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos.

The event is titled “Berkeley Free Speech Week” and is set to begin Sept. 24, the latest in a series of planned speaking engagements by notable conservatives in the liberal enclave. Bannon “will deliver short remarks” on the final day of the event, according to a news release announcing the engagement.

Over the last year, some of these speaking commitments have been canceled or ended in violent clashes.

Bannon returned as the chairman of the far-right Breitbart website last month after serving as President Trump’s chief strategist. When Trump’s campaign was at it lowest point during the summer of 2016, Bannon was brought in to steer the ship, and his large influence on the president and his agenda was perhaps best reflected in a Time magazine cover from earlier this year with the headline “The Great Manipulator.

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If Berkely keeps dropping like these other Leftist Libturd Collges then Bannon will NOT have any place to speak from!!!

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Dear Steve Bannon, please keep yourself safe. We cannot afford to lose our White Knight of common sense..

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Take your own security with you, Steve. You sure can't expect this completely Leftist community/school or police department to provide protection for someone speaking the truth.

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L HYAK Written by L HYAK
September 13, 2017
Get ready for some more inflicted left wing damage to the campus buildings of Berzerkley...I don't see the left backing off and if they do then we need to find out where the stand down order came from....Bannon is a #1 enemy and target for the mouth foamers with sticks, stones and matches, the word to escalate the violence, the the order from the mayor of Berzerkley for the timid police to step away from confrontation or protection of those there for peaceful assembly is a major consideration....I would like to see the national guard in place to put a stop to the left and finally get the "Ban Communist Law" reinstated in this country......There is nothing good about communism, absolutely nothing.......MAGA....America for Americans......
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Larry Reade Written by Larry Reade
September 13, 2017
With each instance where the Leftists violently attack Conservatives, we get one confrontation closer to when that particular group of Conservatives say "NO MORE!" & start blowing away the Leftists, creating the new "shot heard round the world".


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