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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 18:31

Those Who Want You to Own Guns vs Those Who Don’t – See The Difference?

Written by  TFPP Writer

Seth Connell writes that some laws regarding firearms are good, legislation that entails strong penalties for gun-running, straw-purchasing, and the like. A regular gun owner will support laws that penalize those who put others’ lives at risk by engaging in shady dealings with firearms.

Laws like that are not what I and tens of millions of gun owners take issue with. Our issue with the many, many gun laws (especially since I am originally from the fascistic nanny state of New York) that unduly burden our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

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Now that I live in a much freer state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, I have grown to appreciate a state that has more respect for our right to bear arms. Nonetheless, ridiculous laws still pervade the Union, either at the state or federal level. Let’s take a look at just seven of the dumbest ones.

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