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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 22:57

Hard Truth About Technology and Government Liberals Blatantly Ignore

Written by  TFPP Writer

Calvin Freiburger reports that poor liberals keep claiming the debate about global warming is over, and facts keep contradicting them.

At the Spectator Australia, Jennifer Marohasy writes about a new technical paper she collaborated on, applying state-of-the-art data analysis to millennia of global temperatures.

Her and her co-authors’ conclusion?

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“we cannot confirm that recent warming is anything but natural – what might have occurred anyway, even if there was no industrial revolution.”

Well, that’s certainly not what the alarmists want to hear–or rather, what they want you to hear.

We began by deconstructing the six-proxy series from different geographic regions – series already published in the mainstream climate science literature. One of these, the Northern Hemisphere composite series begins in 50 AD, ends in the year 2000, and is derived from studies of pollen, lake sediments, stalagmites and boreholes.

Typical of most such temperature series, it zigzags up and down while showing two rising trends: the first peaks about 1200 AD and corresponds with a period known as the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), while the second peaks in 1980 and then shows decline.

Read more at TheFederalistpapers

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