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Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:57

Why 'South Park' is Wrong About Jobs and Coal

Written by  Amelia Hamilton

South Park kicked off its 21st season on September 13 by taking on the entitlement of the uneducated, working-class, angry white men who were said to be Trump's base. The episode, "White People Renovating Houses," centered on society's reliance on technology (specifically Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple's Siri) while some go unemployed.

The stereotypical redneck characters in South Park, Colorado, find themselves unemployed, blame these digital assistants for taking their jobs, and decide to take the streets with tiki torches in protest. Of course, they're waving confederate flags chanting and yelling, "They took our jobs!" and "You will not replace us!"

In order to remedy this problem, the townspeople get rid of their devices and hire these unemployed men to answer their questions, make their shopping lists, play music, and do everything else we ask of our devices.

In this scene, Randy is filming his home improvement show, "White People Renovating Houses," when his new employee, Darryl, refuses to cooperate.

Randy: Hey, Darryl, add Carrara subway tile to my shopping list.

Darryl: I ain't doin' it! This job is degrading and menial!

Randy: Well, what kind of job did you think you were gonna get? Hey, Darryl, what kind of job did you think you were going to get?

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