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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 20:01

Worse Than Nixon?

Written by  D.W. Wilber

Recently various news media personalities have been comparing what has been going on in the Trump Administration with that of the administration of former President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon resigned from office over the Watergate scandal that consumed his second term following his reelection in 1972.

It would appear to the uninformed or low-information observer that what is going on right now with the Trump Administration is far worse. But I’m not talking about any alleged crimes, misconduct, or impeachable offenses on the part of anyone in the Trump Administration. I’m talking about the American news media and their Democrat allies being so out of balance and frenzied in their hatred of President Trump that the media vitriol experienced by President Nixon compared to what Donald Trump is going through wasn’t even close.

The hatred against President Trump far exceeds anything Nixon ever experienced. It has been relentless ever since Trump defeated the most corrupt, dishonest, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the office of president of the United States. Yes, I’m talking about the former Secretary of State and Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

She, the anointed one in the eyes of the corrupt news media and her party, was destined to become the first woman president, and to carry on the leftist and extreme liberal agenda favored by the previous occupant of the White House.

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