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Thursday, 18 May 2017 06:26

Dereliction of Duty

Written by  Dan Celia

All the information coming from the news media in reference to the alleged scandals by Donald Trump has some calling for his impeachment and crying “obstruction of justice!”

While reviewing these headlines, a book I read some 10 years ago came to mind.

Written by H.R. McMaster, it’s titled “Dereliction of Duty.” If you have any interest in failed government policies and the real cause for the failure of the Vietnam War, it is certainly a must-read.

This book came to mind because I couldn’t help but think the same term applies to former FBI Director James Comey—and The New York Times. If this alleged memo by Comey is real, offering it up three months after the fact seems to be a self-incriminating piece of information—this from a former FBI director who was supposedly serving the American people.

An Open Admission

All this says to me that Comey is openly admitting his dereliction of duty. Apparently, he did not feel it necessary to immediately report this conversation with the president—or Trump’s request—to the House Intelligence Committee.

Maybe the bigger question is: Could this be the first dereliction of duty for the ex-FBI director? Or is he so consumed with his own personal status and public standing that dereliction of duty was simply a part of his ethical fiber? Could it be that leaks from our intelligence agencies, which represent ethical challenges, started at the top as a result of such disregard for duty?

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