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Thursday, 18 May 2017 20:01

No More Benefits of Doubt

Written by  Erick Erickson

We are on a national trajectory toward seeing what happens when the immovable object of Donald Trump collides with the unstoppable force of the Democrat resistance. The outcome will be certain disaster for our constitutional republic.

We are not in normal times, and the level of partisan rancor escalates each day.

People who once defended the indefensible during the Obama years are now outraged by the indefensible of the Trump years. The reverse is true too. The people who once impeached a man for lying now regularly defend a liar. The people who defended a president who regularly lied to the press to get an Iran deal done are now outraged by a president who regularly lies to the press.

Republicans are suddenly worried about special elections in Montana and Georgia. They think Karen Handel will win in Georgia, but they are not sure about Montana. In both races, recent polling has caused some heartburn, though Handel is still winning.

Democrats, however, are headed toward a takeover of the House of Representatives and, with it, never-ending investigations of President Trump.

I think the Senate GOP will be able to hang on to control of the Senate, but it will be by the slimmest of margins.

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