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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 14:39

France's Emmanuel Macron wins the first battle against striking unions

Written by  Tom Rogan

On Tuesday, left-wing protesters took to French streets to oppose President Emmanuel Macron's labor reforms.

As Le Monde notes, while fewer people attended than organizers had hoped, they were largely peaceful. Any peaceful protest is worth noting because the French far-left has a penchant for violent disorder.

Still, judged against the relatively low-turnout, the absence of violence suggests that many French leftists have accepted that the introduction of Macron's reforms is inevitable.

As such, Macron won the day. His reforms have been passed by parliamentary decree so face no real prospect of defeat before entering force. And that's good news in that the president's plan represents a long overdue effort to unburden France's economy of its insane regulations and subjugation to union power.

The battle, however, is not over. Strike organizers are now calling for further action on Sept. 21 to pressure Macron to back down. A union spokesman, Jean Brunacci, explained his rationale to Le Monde, warning that Macron must be stopped before he can attempt other reforms: "There will be pensions, unemployment insurance, vocational training. The eternal debate is how to continue the struggle? It is not necessarily with days of repetitive actions that he will be dropped from his pedestal.

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