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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 04:45

Suicide bomber kills at least 22, including children, at Ariana Grande concert in Britain

Written by  Reuters

MANCHESTER, England At least 22 people, including some children, were killed and 59 were wounded when a suicide bomber struck as thousands of fans streamed out of a concert by U.S. singer Ariana Grande in the English city of Manchester on Monday.

Prime Minister Theresa May called an emergency meeting with intelligence chiefs on the deadliest militant assault in Britain since four British Muslims killed 52 people in suicide bombings on London's transport system in July 2005.

Witnesses related the horror of the blast which prompted a stampede just as the concert ended at Europe's largest indoor arena.

"We ran and people were screaming around us and pushing on the stairs to go outside and people were falling down, girls were crying, and we saw these women being treated by paramedics having open wounds on their legs ... it was just chaos," said Sebastian Diaz, 19.

"It was literally just a minute after it ended, the lights came on and the bomb went off," Diaz said.

U.S. President Donald Trump described the attack as the work of "evil losers". German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it "will only strengthen our resolve to...work together with our British friends against those who plan and carry out such inhumane deeds.

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hostility through the mass immigration, of others of extreme different culture is a formula for violence. with diverse cultural mental disease, that will never support your unified culture.

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An opportunity for everybody to tip toe around the truth which is that Islam, the Quran and the Hadiths did this.
I visited Manchester just once to call on the moribund National Computing Center to offer them my expertise in "Computer Based Training". In 1991. They were a xenophobic lot under siege. I stayed in a hotel close by. There was the inevitable Mosque and the Aazan. The lobby over flowed with well turned out women hoping that I might be an Arab Sheikh. The Police at the airport were armed with machine carbines.
In 1991. Downing Street had already been barricaded and you could no longer stroll past for a photograph outside "10" as I did in 1988. Twenty Five Years thence, not withstanding Finsbury Park Mosque, Rotherham, and men in beards and soiled pyjama suits laying down the law on London's streets, Britain still refuses to face the truth. Masochists in the very image of their stooge, Khilafart Gandhi.
That Islam, the Quran and the Hadiths are the enemy

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When is it that the Brits will come to realize that the Muslims that are letting come in to their country are there to becom citizens but to become the rulers? America has the same problem we're letting these sons of dogs come in and many here are so stupid as to think there here to become Americans and they come here to invade and take over the country turning it into the 6th century filth they came here from. We must all wake up to the fact these dogs hate us and are here to kill us. We as well as the Brits are stupid. We should start a mass roundup of these sons of wild dogs and ship them back to the land of Hate where they came from,men,women,kids and old devil dogs. They Hate Us People Can't You Understand That?

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Bill Tex Cowart Written by Bill Tex Cowart
May 23, 2017
It amazes me how stupid these governments are, all they have to do is read the Quran and it explains Islam is going to try and kill them. You either convert or you will be enslaved, killed or pay taxes to live in a Muslim controlled country. History shows Islam is a violent cult, masquerading as a religion.

One thing I agree with Trump on - the bombers are "evil losers".

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Richard Donahue Written by Richard Donahue
May 23, 2017
Now I wonder are they going to protest against Trump for the ban
Bob menefee Written by Bob menefee
May 23, 2017
They are evil losers? Hell no WERE the Losers it's us that's being killed not the sons of wild dogs. Time there All deported to the Devils lands where the death is between each of them Not Us.
John Martin Written by John Martin
May 23, 2017
The blood of these young kids as well as all the other terror attacks are on the hands of the Globalist that brought them here in the first place. Islam has been fighting and killing each other since the beginning of time. They have brainwashed people into believing they will adapt to our way of life knowing full well they have no intention of changing. Send them all back. Let them keep fighting and killing each other as they have for centuries. We cannot change people that don't want to change and live in peace. I hate to say it but I hope this wakes up a lot of Democrats that live in a make believe world that we can all live together in this perfectly happy world. Thank God for Trump.
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Mary Muennig Written by Mary Muennig
May 23, 2017
Thank you very much; I appreciate you. I hope you have a better day.
Andrew doctor Written by Andrew doctor
May 23, 2017
Remember when the Israelis would pound the arabs after every terrosit attack and then raze their homes? Remember how the whole world criticized them?? Seems like they were the only ones who know how to deal with this scum. Once a POS territorIist is identified his entire family needs to be rounded up and deported, his political center, also called a mosque, needs to be bulldozed and the cleric deported. This is war... it's time to wake up and cut out this cancer. Thank god obama is gone. Germany needs to get rid of Merkel asap Wake up western cimvilaziation is under attack


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