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Saturday, 27 May 2017 22:08

Stark Contrast: Europe Still Swoons for ‘Rock Star’ Obama vs. Trump, the 'Danger for the World'

Written by  Clay Waters

Berlin-beat reporter Alison Smale reported in Friday’s New York Times her version of the media’s latest favorite anti-Trump take: The cold reception of President Trump compared to the embrace of the cool Barack Obama, in “Europeans’ Welcomes for Trump and Obama Are a Study in Contrasts.

” While Trump was quoted as being a “danger for the world,” “rock-star” Obama was happily sprinkling “political stardust” over the prospects of left-wing European politicians.

Smale pretty much spelled it out in the lead:

The contrast could not have been more stark.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany started Thursday in Berlin with the 44th president -- the one she has called “dear Barack.” She spent the afternoon in Brussels with the 45th, Donald J. Trump, whose election she greeted with a stern reminder to respect shared values like equality and freedom.

Mr. Obama was in Berlin to help celebrate 500 years since Martin Luther’s Reformation, and received a rock-star welcome from tens of thousands at the Brandenburg Gate. It was all bonhomie, waves and warm words, as the former president praised Ms. Merkel’s “outstanding work, not just here but around the world,” particularly with refugees.

Barely two hours later, Ms. Merkel was among the European leaders who greeted Mr.

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europe worries about climate change and not terrorists. what is wrong with them? maybe they can get obama to lead them, and see where that gets them.

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(Updated: May 28, 2017)

We, the US. pay more than any other country to NATO. That means we were fleeced to pay more for this butt ugly building than any other country. Only 5 of those countries pay the amount they agreed to. NATO costs are in addition to American Defense Costs. This means we are picking up most of the military defense tab for countries such as Germany which fails miserably to pay its fair share.

btw, Germany spends over half its income on social programs. We sacrifice so they can play God and Benefactor to their indigent. WHY SHOULD THAT BE SO? We bailed them out of WWII and we get to piggy back them forever??? Time to close that gravy train and close more of our bases there.

Thank Trump for bailing out of the Global Warming scam. We'd be carrying the bulk of the costs for that too.

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