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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 06:58

Maxine Waters clashes with constituent: ‘You can’t impeach a member of Congress!’

Written by  American Mirror

Is all the impeachment talk boomeranging on Maxine Waters?

A constituent filmed an encounter with the California Congresswoman on Monday and the two clashed before Waters declared that a member of Congress couldn’t be impeached.

The constituent, who was unnamed in the video that was posted by YouTube user Melani Bell, began by telling Waters that she’s been calling her office and sending her emails for “five minutes of your time.”

“You’re one of 700,000,” Waters replied, referring to the number of constituents she has.

The constituent wanted to complain to Waters about her treatment of President Trump.

“I can’t stand him,” Waters said, cutting her off. “He’s the most horrible man I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I love my president,” the woman replied.

“I’m glad you do,” Waters said.

When the woman wanted to know why Waters wouldn’t also represent her views in Washington, Waters said, “Your president is a dishonorable, lying man,” adding that he “lies every day.”

Water said Trump is “in bed” with Putin and the Kremlin and “the oligarchs.”

“They’re going to take us down!” she declared.

When the constituent compared Trump’s words to Bill Clinton’s actions, Waters snapped, “I don’t care about Clinton! Listen, I’m going to work every day until I get him impeached.

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For god sakes, will someone please file impeachment papers against this moronic turd of misery!

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This hatchet-faced hag is a nasty, miserable, ill-mannered bitch who hasn't done a damned thing for any districts she represents.

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Stupid mad-hatter...and we wonder why nothing gets done in Washington.

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this bitch needs to go to jail along with most of the CALIFORNIA delegation they are ALL frauds-- they rip off the American people and are proud of it -- no wonder California is in such a terrible state of affair -- starts with thelooney leading the state and goes down hill from there-- clean out your trash

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Waters like all the other Democrats in DC need to be arrested and HANGED for their TREASON. Hillary should be in prison for 4 counts of murder as well as TREASON. Waters who like all LIBERALS is just too STUPID for anyone's good and would improve the world greatly if they all would go away and NEVER return. While she may be right about Congress and impeachment there are other ways to remove MORONS like her from office. Her and her ilk(WORTHLESS GOOD FOR NOTHINH LIBERALS) all need to SHUT UP and GO AWAY NEVER TO RETURN. This would make America great again.

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The constituent should have added to waters you have investment in Russia as well.

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