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Monday, 17 July 2017 20:01

MSNBC’s Butler: Trump Admin Wants Policies That ‘Target’ Black Men While Ignoring Russia Conduct By ‘Rich White Dudes’

Written by  Breitbart

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” MSNBC Legal Analyst and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler argued that while Attorney General Sessions wants to bring back policies that target young black men, Republicans don’t see a problem with the conduct of rich white men in the Trump orbit in the Russia investigation.

Butler said, “You know Chris, today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did another one of his tough on crime speeches where he wants to bring back the war on drugs and stop and frisk and all these policies that target young black men. And when you compare that to the way the Republicans respond to Donald Trump and this investigation, where, frankly, all of the targets are rich white dudes, the Trump folks are all like, well, we don’t see the problem with that. What’s wrong with conspiring with the US’ sworn enemy to take over and subvert our democracy? Well, fortunately, Special Counsel Bob Mueller shouldn’t go by that double standard. I think he’ll go by the US federal criminal code, which makes what Donald Trump Jr. is alleged to have done a federal crime.”

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