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Saturday, 12 August 2017 11:11

Trump Tells Guam’s Governor He’s With Him ‘1,000 Percent’

Written by  WesternJournalism

President Donald Trump told Guam’s governor Friday that the United States is “1,000 percent” committed to protecting the Pacific island territory.

Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo posted a video to Facebook that captures several minutes of the conversation between himself and the president. Guam, which houses major U.S. military installations, emerged this week as a central piece of the war of words between North Korea and the United States after North Korea claimed it was developing a plan to attack Guam.

“Good morning, good morning,” Trump is heard saying.

“It’s great to speak with you. Good morning. I just wanted to pay my respects, and we are with you 1,000 percent. You are safe. We’re with you 1,000 percent. And I wanted to call you and say hello. How are you?” Trump said

“Mr. President, as the governor of Guam, representing the people of Guam, and as an American citizen, I have never felt more safe or so confident, with you at the helm,” Calvo said.

“So with all the criticism going on over there, from a guy that’s being targeted, we need a president like you. So I’m just so thankful, and I’m glad you’re holding the helm, sir,” Calvo added.

“They should have had me eight years ago, or at least somebody with my thought process,” Trump said in reply.

Trump mentioned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“You notice that he hasn’t spoken recently. He doesn’t talk so much more anymore and we’ll see how it all works out. But you’re not going to have a problem,” Trump said.

Trump then changed lanes in the conversation.

“Eddie, I have to tell you, you’ve become extremely famous. All over the world the world, they’re talking about Guam, and they’re talking about you,” Trump said. “I can say this — your tourism, you’re going to go up like tenfold with the expenditure of no money, so I congratulate you. It just looks like a beautiful place.”

“It’s paradise,” Calvo said. “We’ve got 95 percent occupancy, and after all this stuff calms down, we’re going to have 110 percent occupancy.”

“You seem like a hell of guy,” Trump said later.

“I wish there would be less partisanship up there,” Calvo said in speaking about Washington politics. “This is a time of threat to the United States. It shouldn’t be Democrats or Republicans. It should be everybody unifying behind our president.”

“Well, you’re right about that. But unfortunately, you know, we’re living with a very obstructionist group, but maybe that will change,” Trump said in response.

He then offered Calvo another reassurance.

“But regardless, our military is so incredible, and there’s no partisanship there, believe me. We are rock solid, and we have the best in the world by a factor of five,” Trump said. “So you just take care of yourself. I’ll talk to you anytime you need, and again, it looks like just a beautiful place.”

Chief of Staff John Kelly spoke separately to Calvo earlier Friday, the White House said.

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