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Saturday, 18 March 2017 20:29

Tancredo: Iowa’s Congressman Steve King Target of Globalist Assassins

Written by  Tom Tancredo

This week Congressman Steve King of Iowa made the following comment on his Twitter account about the outcome of the Dutch election contest between nationalist candidate Geert Wilders and the incumbent socialist Prime Minister:   

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

By the ensuing mud fight, you would think Congressman King had praised the beheading of children or “honor killings.” But, no: King had only committed a crime against “diversity” by saying American culture is different and is worth saving.

Geert Wilders’ party did not win a majority in the Dutch national parliamentary elections on March 11 – actually, no party did– but he did increase his party’s share of the popular vote by about 30%. That means his views are attracting growing support, and to applaud that trend that arouses anger among progressives –and yes, hatred—against Steve King. Wilders is a leader among Europeans seeking to halt unrestricted immigration by millions of Muslims fleeing the Middle East’s civil wars and terrorist violence.

Steve King Is watching the slow collapse of European civilization and suggesting that the United States follow a different course. Perhaps if his Republican critics bothered to examine the demographic assault on Europe they would not be so quick to condemn his Paul Revere-like warning.

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Congratulations, congressman King of Iowa ! The American culture forbids the pollution by the evil CIA-Saudi sheik funding of ISIS-ISIL, that the alias, Barack H. Obama supported.
Geert Wilders of Holland supports the sovereignty of his country. Holland´s leadership, sucking up to the NWO with the fraudulent report of MH17, reflects allegiance to evil rather than the altruistic, historical stance of the Netherlands. The death of Holland´s "heir apparent", who was anti-NWO, continues to raise questions, as to why he was permitted to ski in a forbidden area. More power to Geert Wilders, and to congressman King of Iowa !!!

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