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Thursday, 20 April 2017 16:56

Daily Beast Editor Fears French ‘Far-Right’ Will ‘Exploit’ Paris Shooting

Written by  Scott Whitlock

Appearing on MSNBC in the 3 p.m. ET hour on Thursday, during breaking news coverage of a shooting along the Champs Elysees in Paris, Daily Beast World News Editor Christopher Dickey was more worried by the prospect of France’s “very far-right party” using the incident as an issue in the nation’s upcoming presidential election than he was with the welfare of people caught up in the violence.

Talking to anchor Brian Williams, Dickey warned: “Marine Le Pen, who is the head of a very far-right party that will – believe me, will exploit this to the maximum if the shooter, the man who was shooting on the Champs Elysees, turns out to have been an immigrant or the child of immigrants in any way, shape, or form, or a Muslim in any way, shape, or form.”

Dickey continued his rant by decrying: “Because she is running a very anti-Muslim, very anti-immigrant campaign and always has. It’s – some would say it is racist, many people do say it’s racist. But it certainly builds on the divisions that already exist in this society.”

Williams framed Le Pen’s candidacy as part of a “global situation” that included Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and “fears about Angela Merkel’s successor in Germany.

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Well Daily Beast, if there hadn't been terrorist attack after terrorist attack and anarchy in the streets in some parts of Paris and other cities - all perpetrated by Muslims - adherents to the "Religion of Peace" (smirk); there wouldn't be anything to exploit, would there?

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The far left would still be playing up idiot John Kerry's moronic friend, James Taylor, singing cumbeya to Franch if it had worked! So........?

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The left would never exploit anything for their own gain. Never.

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wzhartman Written by wzhartman
April 20, 2017
Racist? Huh? Is there a Liberal anywhere who even remembers what the word "racist" means? Since when is Muslim a race? By in large they are White, but include all races. What they mean is "bigoted". But "racist" sounds worse, which I suppose is why they use the word. They obviously don't realize how ignorant they sound.

Unlike race, a person's culture is a matter of choice. There is nothing wrong with preferring one culture to another. And nothing wrong with having negative feelings toward a culture that includes wife beating, honor killings, murder of gays, murder of those who repent the culture, marriage of men to pubescent girls, terrorism, and conversion by force. Only loony Liberals believe that all cultures are equal.
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Gary Lee Written by Gary Lee
April 21, 2017
the Left has turned the word and definition "bigoted' on it's head too. Even if a person thoughtfully examines the Leftist agenda and narrative, and after much thought decides the Left's goals and world view are not for them, you are considered a Bigot. Why? Because you are not genuflecting and kow-towing to the Left...


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