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Friday, 21 April 2017 06:00

Berkeley Reverses Decision: Will Let Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter Speak After All

Written by  M.J. Randolph

If you feel a little seasick over all the drama happening at the University of California at Berkeley lately, you're not alone. On Wednesday, the administration said it was canceling conservative pundit Ann Coulter’s speech, claiming it could not figure out a way to provide proper security.

TruthRevolt's Mark Tapson wrote about this unfair treatment:

Coulter has traveled the campus lecture circuit for years, often through the sponsorship and invitation of the Young America's Foundation (YAF), a national conservative organization. YAF told the Washington Examiner Wednesday that Berkeley Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell emailed the organizers to announce that his staff was unable to find a "safe and suitable venue" for the speech.

"Given currently active security threats, it is not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully — or that the safety of Ms. Coulter, the event sponsors, audience, and bystanders could be adequately protected — at any of the campus venues," the email read.

Tapson summed it up nicely: "Since neither the Berkeley administration nor police will lift a finger to prevent or punish such thuggery, Ms. Coulter's safety cannot be guaranteed." Exactly. That made Coulter vow to come anyway, even though the university was putting ridiculous restrictions on her speech.

Read more at TruthRevolt

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The tragedy in the USA especially is the fact that leftist/liberal professors and educators are more dangerous to Americans than ISIS because they are literally the ENEMY within undermining the resolve of most Americans by supporting the very opponents of the USA disguised as ‘freedom of speech’ while SILENCING all those who tell the FACTS about Muslims and Islam

I shall repeat the following at every opportunity possible so that hopefully it will awaken millions of otherwise CLUELESS brains regarding the EXISTENTIAL threat posed by Muslims to all non Muslim/ Kuffar humanity

Every single Muslim is mandated by Sharia to be the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every Kafir/ Infidel/ Non Muslim (80% of current humanity).

All the bombs in the world are useless against Muslim terrorists because millions of them are living among us in our democracies while undermining and terrorizing us in our own nations. All lectures about Islam although informative do not address the CORE belief of Muslims

Muhammad declared TOTAL WAR against all non Muslim humanity 1400 years ago. His current followers are Terrorizing Plundering Conquering Raping Slaughtering at will 80% of non Muslim humanity called KUFFAR/ Infidels be they Christians Buddhists Hindus Jews and all others

Contrary to what most of the criminally negligent Media Academia Politicians and Clergy tell the world this NOT a CIVILIZATION WAR but a war of BELIEFS (Theological) and hence can only be defeated on the battlefield of KNOWLEDGE!

The most PERSECUTED believers in the 21st century are CHRISTIANS by MUSLIMS!

The whole of Islamic theology stands or falls based entirely on a single IDEA: That Allah the god of Muslims is the SAME as the God of the Bible.

Everything to do with Islam, Muslims, Muhammad, Sharia, Quran and Sunna are OBLITERATED in less than TEN minutes by simply PROVING beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt that no god called Allah or angel called called Jibril ever revealed ANYTHING to Muhammad who concocted the whole of his Quran while PRETENDING it is from Allah.

Muhammad is Allah. PERIOD!

All other explanations, theories, platitudes and elucidations are IRRELEVANT and unnecessary

Since Allah is NOT the God of the Bible, Islam is not a RELIGION. Islam is a CULT; the Cult of Muhammad


Any challengers to prove me wrong?

IQ al Rassooli
Kafir & Proud!

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Gee, did someone in the administration grow a spine and some balls?
Ann Coulter WILL speak. Each of those thugs, if getting nasty, should be arrested immediately and charges filed.
Protesting students should each be given a copy of the Constitution and have it explained to them about free speech if they are confused.
Parents need to re-teach their idiot children about manners and the real world.

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