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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 08:11

Exclusive—ICE, Remembrance Project Condemn ‘Vicious’ Attacks on Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Written by  Katie McHugh


Progressives are showing “vicious” contempt of the many ordinary Americans whose spouses, siblings or children have been killed, robbed, or raped by illegal-alien criminals, says advocate Maria Espinoza, who is helping government officials count the death toll of open-border policies.

The progressives’ contempt is showing itself as progressives ridicule the new hotline created to help Americans monitor the multi-agency investigations and prosecutions of illegal aliens who have robbed, raped, or murdered other Americans living outside high-status and well-guarded, wealthy districts, such as Bethesda, Beverly Hills, or the upper East Side of New York.

DHS Secretary John Kelly unveiled the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office hotline in a somber ceremony in late April. Callous leftists immediately began “trolling” the line, and the established media piled on. “We Asked ICE About the Prank Calls to Their Anti-Immigrant Hotline and They Kind of Lost Their Shit,” an eyeroll-inducing Fusion headline reads.

“People Are Reporting Criminal (Space) Aliens To New ICE Hotline,” NPR giggles.

“Top-level trolling overloads ICE’s undocumented immigrant hotline with calls about space aliens,” said the CNN report, which approvingly quotes snarky leftists bragging on social media about attacking a program meant to help families stricken with grief and trying to navigate a massive federal bureaucracy.

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