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Friday, 19 May 2017 10:54

Exposing the Liberal Media’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Hypocrisy

Written by  Rich Noyes

The liberal media are currently up in arms over President Trump’s labeling of the investigation into Russian hacking and the 2016 presidential campaign as a “witch hunt.” All three broadcast networks led their Thursday evening newscasts with Trump’s use of the phrase, with NBC’s Lester Holt describing Trump as “lashing out.

On CNN, 8pm host Anderson Cooper blasted Fox News hosts for echoing Trump: “If you turn on the President’s favorite TV channel lately, you’d think it was based in Salem, Massachusetts instead of midtown Manhattan.” On the same show, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter dismissed the phrase as merely a strategy to “downplay, deflect and deny” the seriousness of the charges.

Yet long before Donald Trump arrived in Washington, liberal reporters themselves employed the “witch hunt” slogan to discredit investigations into their Democratic friends, especially Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But now that Trump uses the same tactic, it’s somehow deplorable?

A brief stroll down memory lane:

Investigating Clinton & Obama’s Benghazi Debacle Was a “Witch Hunt”

“There are some who describe that Benghazi hearing that she went through, Ted, some describe that as a ‘witch hunt’ and this could not be the first time that the other party has gone after the Clintons and just dug and dug and I think of Whitewater in the first term.

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