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Friday, 19 May 2017 11:52

Billionaire Bloomberg’s Climate Book Admits Eco-Ties to Soros, Steyer, Rockefeller

Written by  Julia A. Seymour

If there were any doubts about how interconnected left-wing groups and donors are, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s new book, Climate of Hope, puts them to rest.

George Soros, major financer of the left-wing agenda, was mentioned in the very first paragraph of the first chapter.

Climate of Hope was released April 18, 2017, in an effort to show how cities and businesses can “save the planet” from catastrophic climate change.

Former executive director and chairman of the Sierra Club Carl Pope couldn’t even write an entire paragraph without mentioning the liberal moneyman.

Pope called Soros “one of the major funders” of the Sierra Club’s efforts to elect Sen. John Kerry and defeat President George W. Bush in 2004. They were upset with what they called Bush’s “war on the environment.” Soros even hosted an election eve party in Manhattan for it.

He didn’t specify whether Soros contributed to the Sierra Club directly or through another group. Soros and Sierra Club were part of the huge left-wing coalition mobilized by the 527 organization America Votes, intent on defeating Bush and electing Kerry.

According to Open Secrets, Soros Fund Management was the second highest donor to America Votes, with a quarter of a million dollars that year.

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