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Friday, 19 May 2017 16:23

Globalist French President Gets to Work Empowering EU

Written by  Alex Newman

The ruling establishment in Europe, along with its globalist agent, Rothschild banker and new French President Emmanuel Macron, appear to be absolutely tone deaf to the growing outrage across the continent. Even as the United Kingdom works on seceding from the controversial European Union superstate, and most French people want a vote on whether to even remain under the Brussels-based regime's thumb, Macron is pushing hard to accelerate the EU war on self-government, borders, and nationhood.

Other globalist leaders of formerly sovereign EU member states — especially Macron ally and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — are doing the same. But across Europe, the public is getting fed up.

At the top of Macron's to-do list is a push to grant vast new powers to the EU. Among other schemes, the new French president is hoping to impose a “common budget” and a “joint finance minister” on the entire eurozone. Because not all nations ensnared in the EU have succumbed to Brussels' globalist bullying to surrender their own national currencies, Macron also wants to create a “two-tier” EU. Under his vision, those governments that have already had the euro imposed on them would move ahead on surrendering what little self-government remains, while the other governments would catch up later — perhaps after an engineered crisis is used to create some support for the euro in those nations.

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