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Friday, 19 May 2017 17:54

MTV’s Ana Marie Cox Hits Out at Trump ‘Stooge’ and ‘Safety Net Butcher’ Paul Ryan

Written by  Clay Waters

Liberal journalist Ana Marie Cox, senior political correspondent for MTV News, who also has a regular interview feature in the back of the New York Times magazine, for some reason dusted off some attacks on that undignified “stooge” and “media welfare queen,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a piece posted Wednesday: “Don’t Pity Paul Ryan --Ryan has never been a thoughtful conservative.

After condemning House Speaker Paul Ryan with very faint praise as a less impressive Trump brown-noser than Chris Christie or Ted Cruz, Cox got vulgar for her easily distracted millennial audience, while making the argument that Ryan has gotten some kind of free ride in the press, which should puzzle anyone who has turned on broadcast news or cracked open a newspaper.

As one of President Trump’s many stooges, Paul Ryan has not especially distinguished himself....Are a series of lock-jawed refusals to comment really the best Joseph A. Craig High School’s 1988 “Biggest Brown-Noser” can do?

Of course, to really disgrace yourself, you have to have had some grace to begin with, and perhaps that’s Ryan’s real problem. It’s not that he’s lost any dignity, it’s that he never had it.

The myth of Ryan’s "thoughtful conservative" reputation stems largely from his role on the undercard of the 2012 presidential campaign, during which, if you’ll recall, Mitt Romney's momentum was stalled by the release of video showing him dismissing nearly half of America's voters as "takers.

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