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Friday, 19 May 2017 17:45

CNN's Lemon Suggests Larry Elder Is 'Coopted,' Not 'Smart' or 'With It'

Written by  Brad Wilmouth

As Dennis Prager appeared on Thursday's CNN Tonight for a segment about how the conservative media are handling President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation, the conservative talk radio host received a substantial amount of pushback from host Don Lemon and right-leaning anti-Trump CNN commentator Tara Setmayer as Prager recalled the dominant liberal media's attempts to blame a spate of ant-Semitic acts on Trump's election.

Host Lemon not only dismissed black conservative talk radio host Larry Elder as someone who is perhaps not "smart" and who has been "coopted," the CNN host also wrongly tried to correct Prager's accurate recollection that the overwhelming majority of bomb threats against Jewish centers had been proven to have nothing to do with Trump supporters.

Additionally, Setmayer reacted with hostility to Prager as she accused him of uttering "falsehoods" and suggested that he should not be allowed on the show. to give his views.

Near the beginning of the segment, Prager complained that it was a "pure lie" pushed by the Left that Trump's election had "unleashed" anti-Semitism and racism. As Lemon injected, "That's not true," Setmayer also jumped in and talked over Prager as the two went back and forth:

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