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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 15:45

Pew: BLM Making Cops Reluctant to Enforce the Law

Written by  Bob Adelmann

A measure of just how effective the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has become in its virulent anti-police protests was released on Wednesday by Pew Research Center. In its report “Behind the Badge,” reflecting the view of nearly 8,000 active law-enforcement officials, Pew stated: "Recent high-profile fatal encounters between black citizens and police officers have made their jobs riskier, aggravated tensions between police and blacks, and left many officers reluctant to fully carry out some of their duties.


Specifically those BLM-inspired and George Soros-funded protests have increased tensions between police and blacks in their communities, say three out of four officers polled. Seventy-two percent of them say that officers in their departments are “now less willing to stop and question suspicious persons.” Those protests now make police work more difficult, say 86 percent of those polled.

Much has been written about the “Ferguson Effect," the term first coined by Doyle Sam Dotson, the chief of the St. Louis police department, when describing the increased reluctance of law-enforcement officers (LEOs) to do their jobs for fear of retribution, sanction, public humiliation, or termination of employment. In simple terms, the increased rate of violent crime is just the natural filling by criminals of the vacuum left thanks to that BLM-inspired reluctance.

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If I were a cop I wouldn't go into those black neighborhoods at all, when the blacks run out of black targets or out of ammo they can drag the rotting corpses and throw them into a ditch and cover them with dirt, problem solved!

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They did a study for this conclusion? A waste of money. Go to the blog where Chicago's finest go. There, you will hear the siren call: stay fetal. http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/

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Now who will enforce all the oppressive laws the democrats keep passing?

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I have been saying this for months. Why should the police want to help protect those who have publicly threatened their safety? I know I wouldn't respond to their calls.

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Where there is a high crime rate black on black draw an arbitrary line on the division map and NO police, Ambulance or Fire Dept. can go in there. Let them police themselves and solve their own murders as most know who the killers and real trouble markers are but refuse to identify them.
If Black Lives Matter so much why are they not helping the police instead of screaming BLM--BLM-BLM Maybe in time they will wake up and realize their mistakes.

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this is sad . they need do what is right . that group must give out money to keep this going and say anything in media to push what they want .

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