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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 16:32

Media Critics Lambaste BuzzFeed’s ‘Ridiculous’ Violation of ‘Journalistic Ethics’

Written by  Curtis Houck

Conservative media critics (and even some considered to be neutral) lashed out on Wednesday at BuzzFeed’s recklessly unsubstantiated report about President-elect Donald Trump as they lashed out at BuzzFeed, calling their decision a “ridiculous” one that “violated journalistic ethics.

Our friends at The Federalist issued this brief staff blog about Trump’s criticism of BuzzFeed as a “pile of garbage”:

During his first formal press conference in 2017 as president-elect, Donald Trump called BuzzFeed a “pile of garbage.” He’s right.

That’s all. Carry on.

Also at The Federalist, Bre Payton tore into longtime ABC correspondent Terry Moran for attacking Trump on Twitter: “Moran is covering BuzzFeed’s malfeasance by suggesting journalists aren’t obligated to publish only the truth that can be verified if the person who they’re covering has also spread untrue information.”

“In other words: Donald Trump spreads falsehoods, so we can do the same about him,” she added.

Payton also criticized The New York Times, which tweeted from its NYT Politics account that BuzzFeed simply was “stirring debate.” Meanwhile, she also noted how left-wing Pro-Publica president Richard Tolfel tweeted: “If you oppose the BuzzFeed decision to publish, you need to explain why citizens should not be allowed to see the dossier.”

In part, she rebutted: “Newsflash to reporters: it’s literally your job to not publish information that cannot be verified.

Read more at NewsBusters

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