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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 20:21

BuzzFeed Editor Tanks in Interview Defending Salacious, Unsubstantiated Trump Report

Written by  Curtis Houck

Early Wednesday night, BuzzFeed News editor in chief Ben Smith conducted his first interview since his outlet irresponsibly published an unsubstantiated dossier concerning President-elect Donald Trump. Needless to say, Smith failed miserably on MSNBC’s MTP Daily.

Over the course of a roughly ten-minute debate, Smith was annihilated by host Chuck Todd, who chastised him for pushing “an untruth” and “fake news,” which was equivalent of “a false birth certificate” under the pathetic guise of “transparency.”

Todd thankfully prefaced the debate with the disclosure that NBC Universal “is an investor in BuzzFeed” (to the tune of 25 percent) and read from a staff note Smith e-mailed on Tuesday night.

From the first sentence out of Smith’s mouth, one knew there would be problems. Smith’s argument largely fell along the lines that ABC’s Terry Moran employed, which was the media covered the false allegations about President Obama’s birth certificate, so why not tout these about Trump?

“And if you remember, we were both there during Obama’s first campaign. That was the first approach and then you see these things spread and you have to engage them...[T]his was a document that was not just circulating at the highest levels of the intelligence community, the most powerful intelligence officials in the country referring to it in briefings.

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