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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:13

Michael Moore: Trump Is ‘The Godfather of This Decade’s Fake News’

Written by  Pam Key

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” while discussing BuzzFeed’s story on a unsubstantiated dossier regarding Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said Trump’s complaints about the story being “fake news” were humorous considering Trump “is the godfather of this decade’s fake news.

Partial transcript as follows:

MOORE: Fake news, he’s one of the founders of in the the Obama era. He created the fake news of the—”

HAYES: Barack Obama is not a citizen.

MOORE: And he said that there was intelligence.

HAYES: That’s right.

MOORE: He was called by a reputable source saying that there was intelligence. He himself, he was hiring investigators to support his fake news. He is the godfather of this decade’s fake news. For him to now say fake news –

HAYES:  Well, this is a great point. As a person who launched his political career off of unverifiable and ultimately incorrect conspiratorial and frankly racist theories about the president’s crypto Kenyan birth and forged documents and all this stuff —

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Makes one wonder what he sees when he looks in a mirror. Good case of the pot calling the kettle black. I lived in Detroit when his first documentary came out, "Roger and Me", which was a good indictment of corporate excesses and big government's failure to see its negative impact with treaties like GATT and NAFTA were having on cities like Flint, MI. After that it was all downhill, and he became a left-wing propagandist. I interviewed with GM for a job in their corporate tax department in '86, and was interviewed by four VP's one of which was in the legal dept.. When I entered his office his desk was covered with books and materials so I asked what the research was about, he indicated he was researching British Common Law and the Laws of the High Seas(which actually trump the laws of sovereign nations) regarding international shipping. Corporate America already knew the winds of change were blowing and preparing for when it would become feasible to improve their bottom line by relocating their manufacturing outside the US. Fast forward 30 years and we now see the devastating effects of these "social planning" treaties on the US economy and the massive loss of manufacturing jobs. Pres. Elect Trump has already stated he will do his best to correct these and other anti-American political decisions. Give him a chance folks, he has already positively affected some job and investment decisions of corporate America.

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Good God, this fool looks stupid, no, HE IS STUPID! and to think there is a infestation or rats like him all around gives me the jitters!

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Liberalism is a mental disorder, and that fat f#ck is living proof.

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