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Saturday, 06 May 2017 08:30

Student Demands Week in Higher Education

Written by  Mike LaChance

Your weekly report on campus news.

Twice this week, student groups at different schools demanded mandatory diversity courses.

Racist Notes at St. Olaf College Lead to Mandatory Race and Gender ClassesUC Santa Cruz Students Take Over Building, Demand Mandatory Diversity Competency Training

Accepting punishment for your actions is also a big problem.

Middlebury: Unspecified Disciplinary Action Taken Against Students Over Mob AttackMiddlebury Students to Protest Discipline of Classmates Over Mob Attack

When are students going to demand free speech on campus?

U. Arkansas Fayetteville Official Suspended for Cancelling Speaker Critical of IslamBerkeley Student Leader Objects to Campus Police and Free Speech ProtectionLiberals Angry That Betsy DeVos Will Give Speech at Historically Black College

The problem is everywhere.

Admin Does Nothing as Conservative Speaker Shouted Down at U. BuffaloCamille Paglia Says Blocking Campus Speech Is Anti-Democracy and Anti-Feminist

Where are congressional Republicans on this?

Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Bill: Campus Free Speech Act

Gender Studies updates.

College in California Launches Special Scholarship for Transgender StudentsFemale Wesleyan Student Wants Men to Participate Less in Class

A study in campus partisanship.

College Republicans at Yale Troll “Hunger Strikers” With BarbecueDartmouth Study: Democrats Are the Least Tolerant Students on Campus

The revolution will be blogged about.

The new Cultural Revolution on Campuses Read more at LegalInsurrection

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There's Free Speech-Then there's Breaking Law-I do believe taking over a Building-Means you have crossed the line.

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She identifies as African-American, if you were born here you are American. This PC crud has got to be stopped it is tearing this country apart. If you want to identify as African the go to Africa the country of your choice since Africa is a continent. Bet she didn't know that. Snowflakes one day and it's coming the real world is going to bite you on the ass and you will not be prepared for it.

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again and again they show just how dumber than dirt they are.

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Lawrence Greenberg Written by Lawrence Greenberg
May 07, 2017
And then these geniuses wonder why when they get out of school they can't get a job. It is because employers know which schools produce graduates worth hiring and which produce useless leeches. Sadly, most of our so-called institutions of higher learning produce the latter.

Tucker Carlson referred to the female speaking, as a "he". And isn't her picture on a pancake box? You bet the cowardly university will cave in, shrieking in terror, to these jemimas' demands .Blacks don't need a building painted in colors to show their presence. It's obvious they're present when they walk around. So tired of these useless people making demands when they contribute the least to society.

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It is always the same crap.....Black students want this or they want that. But, before you can be called a student, you must be enrolled in a school, one course does not make a student - all that makes is a - suspect, that's correct it makes a suspect, of being a campus problem "child", a campus activist, a REAL trouble maker. And yes their are white "students" as well, both groups are suspect - neither one is worth a "tinkers damm"

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Oh boy! Soon they will demand a degree just be mailed to their home and a weekly pay check to the African-American national bank.then they can just stay at home and watch reruns of Roots or Undergroud . Is america great or what? Oh yes maybe we should paint all their homes for free the colors of their choice what ever they were.

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The best way to lift up Black students is an airplane to Nigeria.

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