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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 06:31

CNN Host Has Meltdown On-Air: ‘You Cannot Attack The Stellar Reporters Of CNN!’

Written by  Chris Menahan Information Liberation

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan had a meltdown on live TV on Tuesday after one of her guests questioned the validity of CNN’s anonymous sources.

Navy Seal Carl Higbie, a supporter of Donald Trump, said CNN’s “anonymous sources” reporting on last week’s Trump-Russia meeting should come forward and name themselves if they want their anonymous accusations to be taken seriously.

“They’re hiding behind this anonymity,” Higbie said.

“Oh, puh-lease!” 33-year-old Bolduan screamed in response. “Puh-lease!”

“Do not even start with me that you’re just going to attack ‘sources’!” she said. “That is ridiculous!”

“You can not attack the stellar reporters of CNN, who have their sources, and would protect their sources—,” Bolduan said.

“The ‘stellar reporters’ of CNN,” Higbie said, “that I am going to attack right now and say, guess what, I don’t believe them because they’re staying anonymous.”

“If they stand behind the story, come out and face the camera,” he said.

“All I’ve been doing is face the camera, Carl,” a confused Bolduan responded.

“The people who are in that room,” Higbie said, drawing out a large pause on Bolduan’s part.

“We have anonymous sources, we protect them for real reasons, so the information that is important to the public can get out,” Bolduan said.

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Here we have a commentator who is on her pedestal - who needs to be knocked on her rear for almost throwing a tizzy on TV that was not called for. Notice with any lib they don't hear anyone but themselves.! That everyone is wrong only they are right.!!! That was so clear to see.!!

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Stellar Reporters of CNN? HA! ROTFLMAO. Don't stand behind "protecting your sources" BS! We all know what an anonymous source means, it means you MADE IT UP! Stellar reporting is verifying something with 3 independent sources BEFORE you put it out there.

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The only reason for anonymous sources is so you can state any lie and pretend to pass it off as the truth. You are hiding in plain sight and using any ploy you can make up to deceive. Stellar reporters you are on your own thin ice. Every report you have put out has been destroyed. You hate everything christian, conservative and republican. ty Toledo Sgt

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She was pushed against the wall for proof of the lies she was spewing and she KNOWS they are just that. LIES. My gosh, CNN is still on the air with their third-rate journalists. This station wouldn't know how to tell the truth if they were paid to so so. LOSERS.

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Yeah right...then their stellar news reporting is proven a lie the next day or even hours later...Kate Bolduan a real journalist has the story checked out for its accuracy...you dimwit's are mere propagandist hack's for the democrat party, plain & simple!

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As usual, this Kate Bolduan, or whatever the hell her name is, is completely off the mark with the outlandish statement about 'stellar reporters'---there are NO 'stellar reporters' at CNN and it amazes most of America how the hell they are able to remain on the air. What a bunch of hacks!!!

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Tom Schwander Written by Tom Schwander
May 17, 2017
Appears that the cnn fake/liberal news syndicate made a mistake and had a guest on that didn't go along with their communistic viewpoint? That guest will not be allowed back?


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