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Thursday, 18 May 2017 20:00

Republicans should be relieved Mueller will serve as special prosecutor

Written by  Hugh Hewitt

As the Trump presidency enters its fourth month, conservatives are eager for more legislative successes, more nominations and confirmations of judges, the rapid confirmation of a new FBI director and other achievements.

Given the charges of collusion and obstruction that have dogged Donald Trump and his administration from before he took his oath of office as president, the appointment of former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III as a special prosecutor to oversee the Justice Department’s inquiry into those charges is a greatly encouraging development. In Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein has made an excellent choice that will allow Republicans to again concentrate on turning the country around.

It’s true that I have opposed a special prosecutor in the past. I did so for two reasons. First, if the allegations of the politicization of the IRS during Barack Obama’s presidency didn’t warrant a special prosecutor, then one certainly isn’t necessary now. Second, I feared that the individual chosen as special prosecutor would not be another Jacob Stein — the independent counsel who efficiently investigated charges against Attorney General-designate Edwin Meese when Meese was nominated for that job, clearing Meese within months. Instead, the appointee would be another Lawrence Walsh , who, for a variety of reasons, let his investigations into the Iran-contra affair linger and metastasize over years and years.

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