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Friday, 19 May 2017 20:40

One thing Trump and the Pope have in common

Written by  Kathleen Parker


So the pope, the president, a Muslim and a Jew walk into a bar . . .

Surely, I’m not the only one to tighten the frame around President Trump’s wildly ironic and ambitious foreign odyssey to promote “tolerance.

” Which, let’s face it, would seem to be the joke. The most candidly intolerant president in history set out Friday on a Napoleonic expedition not to conquer the world but to advance a cause he apparently embraced yesterday.

Meanwhile, the many possible outcomes — from monstrous, Earth-tilting gaffes to World Peace In Our Time (and lots in between) — are riveting to consider. And everything hinges on the performance of the most unpredictable, unlikely emissary ever to cross the threshold of Air Force One.

That’s my inner cynic speaking. My inner Pollyanna has a different take: Maybe he has had a Damascus moment and fallen from his high horse. He had a brutal week, to be sure. Maybe he has received grace, discovered humility, found the key to his cloistered empathy and is embarking on a historic pilgrimage of repentance and reconciliation.

While these two forces wage war in my head and the media take bets on Trump’s first faux pas, I’ll give the president’s advisers this: brilliant idea.

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