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Monday, 17 July 2017 10:21

Trump displays multiple times in one tweetstorm what he’s not-so-secretly doing

Written by  By Tom Toles
(Tom Toles)

The one thing you can count on in the Trumpland House of Mirrors is that they will tell you what they are up to. They won’t tell you directly, of course, but their method of signaling is so consistent that I think we can now reliably count on it.

And where to look for this signaling? It’s right there, nearly daily, in whatever they accuse their adversaries of doing. This is not a brand-new observation, but it becomes comical (almost) when you become acutely aware of it. Take this weekend’s examples.

During the campaign, Donald Trump suggested that rather than Russia being behind the hack of Democratic Party emails, it could have been “somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?” Okay. I would be the last to suggest that President Trump weighs literally 400 pounds, but his bed might, and the image of Trump sitting on his bed disrupting the U.S. political system is not the hardest image to bring to mind, okay?

His latest tweet tirade again mentioned #FakeNews. Fake news, of course, is what Trump creates for a living. This recent outburst was complaining that Donald Trump Jr. was “being scorned” by the media.

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