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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:00

'What Happened'? Hillary Clinton asks the wrong question and is the wrong person to answer it.

Written by  By Tom Toles
(Tom Toles)

What happened in the presidential election of 2016? We got hit by an asteroid, is what. The worst possible thing happened — the blackest of black swan events, history took a wrong turn, and we will be paying for it for a long time.

Now, what can Hillary Clinton meaningfully add to that? Yes, Republicans hated her, it’s true, for a list of reasons ranging from tactical to misogynist to delusional. Many Democrats didn’t like her much either, for reasons ranging from genuine policy disagreement to tactics to getting the vapors because she wasn’t likable enough. Some of the coverage she got was ridiculously unfair, and yes, there were some nefarious outside actors. But the people who did like her, at least in the comparison shopping on offer, went out and elected her by a few million votes. That those weren’t enough was because of archaic rules and some bad timing. Had the election been held a few weeks earlier, she would be president, and we’d be spared this book.

But here we are, and the book isn’t going to help anything. It’s not going to change the outcome, it’s not going to change any minds, and it isn’t adding much substantial to the known facts or their interpretation.

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