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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:53

Why Canada needs our sperm

Written by  USA Today

“I want tariffs,” President Trump was recently quoted as having said. He also said, off the cuff, he would "end up probably terminating NAFTA." Either one would be a catastrophe for my home country, Canada, and not just economically.

If it weren’t for NAFTA’s reduction of trade barriers between our two countries, and your willingness to donate bodily fluids, my people would be in a lot of trouble. Overwhelmingly, it is American sperm and American blood plasma that makes and saves so many Canadian lives.

Apart from NAFTA, the other reason for this state of affairs is that you appear to find the idea of compensating people for sperm and blood plasma less objectionable than we do. It would be good if we stopped finding it so objectionable but, until we do, we will continue to be increasingly reliant on the importation of your bodily fluids.

Canada used to have a sufficient supply of domestic sperm donors. But in 2004, we passed the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, which made it illegal to compensate donors for their sperm. Shortly thereafter, the number of willing donors plummeted, and sperm donor clinics were shuttered. Now, there is basically just one sperm donor clinic in Canada, and 30-70 Canadian men who donate sperm.

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