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LeBron James PUSHING Kyrie Out of Cleveland -The Huddle

The relationship between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving seems, at this particular point, irreparable. Especially with the recent signing of Derrick Rose, King James and the Cavs look to be positioning themselves to move on from Kyrie. What's next? And does this do more damage to LeBron's legacy or Kyrie's reputation? Give us your opinion in The Huddle!

Odell Beckham Jr Gets STUCK in Traffic and Heckled by Cowboys Fans

NFL training camp has already started for most teams so most fans can smell the football in the air, so let the trash talking begin. Odell Beckham Jr. seemed to not be having a great day since well he was stuck sitting in traffic and we all know traffic sucks. When you are Odell Beckham Jr, traffic could suck a little more for you then most when surrounded by Cowboys fans.

Draymond Green Assault Victim Says He Wakes Up Crying

In a new lawsuit dealing with a bar assault, Jermanine Edmunson has come out and said "I think about what happened with Draymond everyday i still feel his hand on my jaw." He has even said he wakes up crying in night from the incident. Is this just a play to get in Draymond's pockets, or a legit issue that needs to be taken seriously?
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