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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:00

With their party's future on the line in the states, Democrats can't agree on a playbook

Written by  Amber Phillips

Locked out of power in Washington, Democrats have turned their attention to trying to win back clout in the states. But they have a lot of ground to make up, not a lot of time to do it, and are running into a major roadblock: themselves.

Republicans effectively control 69 of 99 state legislative chambers, and Democrats have just four elections to wrest back some of those before facing looking ahead to possibly even harder challenges for Congress.

They put a dent in three seats on Tuesday night, by knocking off Republicans in New Hampshire and Oklahoma, and making it to a runoff in Mississippi to try to stop Republicans from having a supermajority in the state House there.

But time is running out. New 2020 census data means state lawmakers elected by then will get to set up the battlefields for state and congressional races for another decade in more than 40 states. If Republicans control most of the map drawing, as they did last time, Democrats may not have a chance to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives for another decade.

But instead of crafting a comprehensive strategy to win back dozens of seats before it’s too late, Democrats are struggling with how to balance the rush of attention from national groups that want to play in this field.

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