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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:26

Skip iPhone X and 8. If you need an iPhone, this is the better deal.

Written by  USA Today


SAN FRANCISCO — If you’re like many USA TODAY readers, you’ve probably been asking this question: so many iPhones, which one is for me?

There's the $999 iPhone X, the $699 iPhone 8 and $799 8-Plus.

But also you can downscale to last year's, now cheaper model, the iPhone 7, (now $549) or 7Plus ($669) -- and others.

Or you can hold onto your old model and just make do until it's really unusable.


If you're thinking of an older model, remember that Apple only keeps certain models current for a set period of time, and then sunsets them, as is the case with the iPhone 5 and 5C, which won’t accept downloads of IOS 11, the latest mobile operating system upgrade, coming on September 19th.

So if you do want to reach back in time and save money by buying an older phone like the 6S, know that eventually, perhaps in two years, Apple will sunset that model as well.

But if they do, you get to go shopping for a new iPhone again. And we’ll be here to help.

iPhone SE ($349)


For now, our verdict, and it’s an easy one: the best deal Apple has right now isn’t for one of the shiny new phones with all the bells and whistles, but a good, reliable classic, the SE.

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