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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:30

Democrats are getting some very good news in special elections

Written by  Aaron Blake

There were two more special elections on Tuesday, and there were two more very good results for Democrats. We're now at the point where the disappointment Democrats experienced in Georgia is looking like an aberration.

The two special elections Tuesday were held in state House districts in Oklahoma and New Hampshire. Both had gone for President Trump by double digits in 2016, according to numbers crunched by Daily Kos Elections, but both went for the Democrat on Tuesday by double digits.

In New Hampshire, a 17-point Trump win became a 12-point win for Democrat Charles St. Clair. In Oklahoma, an 11-point Trump win became a 20-point win for Democrat Jacob Rosecrants.

One of these results came in one of those hundreds of tiny state House districts in the Granite State (less than 2,300 votes!). And the other was in Oklahoma, where Democrats barely have a pulse. But each continued what is a very strong trend of Democrats winning elections in 2017.

According to data assembled by Daily Kos and mapped by Daniel Donner, Democrats have performed better than Hillary Clinton in 27 out of 35 congressional and state-legislative special elections held this year. And they've done better than President Barack Obama's 2012 margins in 25 out of 35.

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