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Thursday, 16 March 2017 06:00

5 MSNBC Personalities Who've Had Tax Liens Filed Against Them

Written by  M.J. Randolph

The verdict is in: Rachel Maddow's odd MSNBC segment last night will go down as the moment that lefty media personalities were revealed to be desperate political hacks who want to bring down Donald Trump more than report the news.

All day, Maddow teased her show, saying she had somehow obtained Trump's tax records. But when many Americans tuned in, her "big reveal" was less than what she'd hyped. People were irritated, amused, and baffled they'd been tricked into watching a such an unsatisfying program.

But HeatStreet points that several of MSNBC's personalities have had problems with taxes:

The Rev. Al Sharpton, according to HeatStreet:

The Rev. Al Sharpton— MSNBC’s Sunday morning host — easily comes in first place when it comes to “issues” with the taxman. He and his various entities—including several dissolved by New York for failure to pay taxes—currently owe about $1.5 million in state and federal taxes, interest and penalties, according to public records. It’s a staggering sum, but down substantially from the $4.5 million in outstanding tax liens tallied by the New York Times two years ago. Sharpton has repeatedly said he’s worked out agreements with authorities to settle his tax debt, and a source close to him says he’s been paying it down aggressively, aware of how it may affect his legacy.

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Check out some of the Democrat congress people; some of them owe millions in taxes-how is it that they still have a job? It is part and parcel that if you are a government employee you are responsible for this debt and failure to take care of it could be grounds for dismissal-it definitely affects a background check. Time for some more digging on those in Service, politicians, worker bees, etc. The IRS has been running their own little fiefdom for too long playing with our lives!!

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So how did he pay down $3 million? How much was forgiven by obama? This guy needs to pay every penny he owes and more. After all as a big hearted democrat socialist who thinks that its okay to take money from people and give it to other people he should be the exemplar of that ideology.

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Just goes to show the double standard when it comes to democrats and the propaganda outlets...the so called authorities just look the other way or make half attempts to enforce the law...If that were some one from the NRA or Tea Party, the IRS would have sent their new SWAT team after them!

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How appropriate: the "fakest" news station in all of creation has leftist tax cheats working for it. Big surprise.

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